Vortrag in Braunschweig, August 2019

Vortrag im monatlichen Plenum bei der Fahrradstadt Braunschweig am 5 August 2019. Herzlichen Dank für die Einladung! Viel Glück und gutes Gelingen – und maßgeblich natürlich Spaß – für und bei Braunschweigs eigenem Radentscheid. Title “Meine* Sicht auf die Verkehrswende – *weibliche (?)” Folienspeicher:


Abstract “Assembling seven years of activism experience”

ABSTRACT – Assembling seven years of activism experience Katja Leyendecker Northumbria University, Newcastle (UK) As part of my auto/ethnographic PhD project “women activists’ experience of local cycle politics” (2019, forthcoming) I used a number of qualitative methods including blogging, interviews and policy analysis. I also collated a video diary that would enable me to tell… Read More Abstract “Assembling seven years of activism experience”

Saturation point – the dashing already cycle

As part of my participation at the International Cycling Conference (poster and paper The potential cyclist), I was prompted to have a look at the Transport Types dataset, survey listed here. Thanks again for everyone who contributed, and thanks for passing the survey on to friends, family, colleagues. It worked a treat with 1,673 responses… Read More Saturation point – the dashing already cycle