Abstract “Assembling seven years of activism experience”

ABSTRACT – Assembling seven years of activism experience

Katja Leyendecker

Northumbria University, Newcastle (UK)

As part of my auto/ethnographic PhD project “women activists’ experience of local cycle politics” (2019, forthcoming) I used a number of qualitative methods including blogging, interviews and policy analysis. I also collated a video diary that would enable me to tell my own story as an activist. I recorded the video diary looking back at campaigning events that happened between 2010-2016. This meant that for a whole year (2017) I dedicated an hour or so each day to familiarising myself with events in a particular week (starting with 1-7 January 2010 and ending with the last week in 2016) by re-reading through my email archive; following the refamiliarisation, I would immediately record a 3-minute video spoken directly to camera. Over the year this resulted in 18 hours of film for use in my PhD project. I would like to take the opportunity to reflect on the success, or otherwise, of the retrospective video-diary method to capture events in time.


The text could be written in German or in English, whichever is preferential to the editors.


Submitted for consideration to FQS Schwerpunktausgabe: Herausfordernde Zeiten – Methodologien und methodische Ansätze zur qualitativen Erforschung von Zeit

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