Abstract for Scientists for Cycling 2019

Local cycle campaigning – an activist-academic reports Katja Leyendecker, Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK Preferred format: presentation ABSTRACT It is important that academics recognise and appreciate cycle campaigners. It is equally important that cycle campaigners understand academics. As an autoethnographer and activist-academic I have both academically observed and actively participated in cycle campaigning over several years.… Read More Abstract for Scientists for Cycling 2019

Abstract “Assembling seven years of activism experience”

ABSTRACT – Assembling seven years of activism experience Katja Leyendecker Northumbria University, Newcastle (UK) As part of my auto/ethnographic PhD project “women activists’ experience of local cycle politics” (2019, forthcoming) I used a number of qualitative methods including blogging, interviews and policy analysis. I also collated a video diary that would enable me to tell… Read More Abstract “Assembling seven years of activism experience”

Abstracts – Cycling & Society / ECF Scientists for Cycling

Method in the madness – autoethnography against automobility The Advocacy and Academia exchange day in Newcastle, UK, in 2015, resolved that story telling is a vital tool to advancing the cause of urban mass cycling. In my presentation I ask: “How well is academia equipped to create narratives that matter?” I will report about the… Read More Abstracts – Cycling & Society / ECF Scientists for Cycling


Submitted 5 February 2018 for consideration at 2018 The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Annual International Conference at Cardiff University, from Tuesday 28 to Friday 31 August 2018. The chair’s theme for the 2018 Annual Conference is Geographical landscapes / changing landscapes of geography – subset: empirical or conceptual papers on cycling inequalities, justice, power relations… Read More Abstracts

Abstract for Cycling & Society 2017

Making the personal political – overlaps in feminist theory and cycle activism Proposer: Katja Leyendecker, Northumbria University, Newcastle UK Relevant themes: equality ABSTRACT I start from the point that a lack of conceptual oversight is one major trap that cycle activism can be ensnared in – especially at a time when democracy and democratic processes… Read More Abstract for Cycling & Society 2017