Submitted 5 February 2018 for consideration at 2018 The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Annual International Conference at Cardiff University, from Tuesday 28 to Friday 31 August 2018. The chair’s theme for the 2018 Annual Conference is Geographical landscapes / changing landscapes of geography – subset: empirical or conceptual papers on cycling inequalities, justice, power relations and inclusivity

Abstract title: Women activists’ critique of cycle politics

Cycling inequalities are complex and better conceptualisations are needed to create a fairer future for urban transport. I am looking at the inequalities from the angle of women activists who are pressing for a spatial shift in the built environment. This forms part of my PhD research into women activists and the barriers they experience and the tactics they employ in their campaigning. In the UK, women’s participation rate in cycling is lower than men’s – at about 1 in 4. However this discrepancy exists for many understandable reasons. Women activists and their experiences can inform and perhaps even transform transport-transition processes. To attain some form of equity in cycling and kickstart socio-political change, it is vital to translate theories from political sociology and political philosophy into campaigning strategies. As well as having engaged in spatial-justice campaigning myself for many years, I have also talked to women activists in the UK and Germany to collate their campaigning experiences. It is the findings from these interviews that will be presented at the session.

Katja Leyendecker
Affiliation Northumbria University, newcycling.org


Earlier abstracts are published here https://katsdekker.wordpress.com/category/abstracts/


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