Discourse analysis on Blue House

At the moment, I am thinking about methods and methodology for my (mixed-method) PhD. Which means I am thinking much about text analysis. To apply and test my abilities, I further exploited the local opportunity that currently presents itself on my Newcastle doorstep: Northern Access Corridor plans by Newcastle council. Having checked out online anticycling/ist… Read More Discourse analysis on Blue House

The self-entitlement of the two wheeled menace knows no limits

Recently I had contributed quotes to a press release for newcycling.org. The press release expressed overall opposition to a planned road-building scheme through the heart of Newcastle communities. It also put forward alternative solutions. The local press picked up the release and published parts in an article, here. As usual when the word ‘cyclists’ is… Read More The self-entitlement of the two wheeled menace knows no limits

Abstract for Scientific Colloquium

Nudging towards a communal concept for cycling research Proposer: Katja Leyendecker, Northumbria University, Newcastle UK Relevant themes: Planning and Policy, Engineering and Infrastructure, Socio-Anthropological Keywords: social change, transport politics, conceptual model, framework, transport cycling The Scientific Colloquium is part of Velocity 2017 in Arnhem-Nijmegen Motivation: Velomobility (Koglin, 2014) has been knocking on the door of… Read More Abstract for Scientific Colloquium

Einrichtung von Radverkehrsanlagen ist situationsbedingt

Seit Samstag bin ich nun in Deutschland, in Braunschweig genauer gesagt. Meine Mutter hat mir tollerweise wieder Zeitungsartikel herausgerissen und auch auch einiges ADFC-BS Material bereitgelegt. Gestern war dann die Muße schon da, mir die schnell mal reinzuzuiehen. Und ich bin auch ein wenig mit dem Brezellenker-Rad rumgegurkt, um das Flair meiner Geburtsstadt einzuatmen, aufzunehmen… Read More Einrichtung von Radverkehrsanlagen ist situationsbedingt

On the engagement edge

Ole Jensen’s mobility model is useful to visualise the connections between the environment, social and personal aspects of our mobile lives and human nature. It also wonderfully instrumentalises the socio-ecological model by panning out from an individual focus and seeing society. Jensen’s model has existing mobility at its centre. By splitting mobility’s surrounding scenery into… Read More On the engagement edge