I am a Chartered Civil engineer in the environment/water sector, but in 2015 I started to venture into an entirely new field, following my volunteer campaigning direction. The first post a fresh new start attempts to describe the journey ahead, as well as the background and plans of this blog (whilst my older blog is a bit more raw and uncooked… and can still be viewed here).

Going from chartered professional engineer to PhD candidate in Architecture & Built Environment, is that a challenge? I am here to find out.

I research power, politics and people’s perception to cycle infrastructure (and urban environment more generally). My latest iteration of my thesis title is

Democracy, politics and activism: women’s voices for spatial fairness by example of campaigning for cycleways in the cities of Bremen and Newcastle

I am here for a a conversation, dialogue and debate.

Do get in touch!



Some of my ideas, summations and attitudes


I sometimes get requests for photos, for blogposts, articles. Feel free to use the ones below. First click on the image, then “Save image as” for maximum size.

katjaleyendecker02    katjaleyendeckerl 

katjaleyendeckerr     katjaleyendecker01


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