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Katja Leyendecker is currently researching the intersection of

  • engineering practices,
  • transport/cycling governance and
  • women’s activism

at Northumbria University, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom. The title of my PhD project is

“Women activists’ experience of local cycling politics” (forthcoming, 2019).

Katja is a Chartered Engineer and has worked extensively as a consultant and project manager, both in the private and in the public sector. In her research she makes use of social theories, investigating two cities, high-cycling Bremen in Germany (25% cycle mode share), and Newcastle, England, with a low cycle share of 1%. Katja co-founded with Claire Prospert newcycling.org in 2010. The campaign group lobbies decision makers to implement people-friendly urban designs and insert cycleways in spatial planning and transport engineering procedures. Newcycling.org also collaborates with inter/national groups to exchange knowledge and accelerate change processes.

Some of my ideas, summations and attitudes


I sometimes get requests for photos, for blogposts, articles. Feel free to use the ones below. First click on the image, then “Save image as” for maximum size.

katjaleyendecker02    katjaleyendeckerl 

katjaleyendeckerr     katjaleyendecker01

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