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This here is the last post on this blog. All data is collected and I will now be starting my data analysis and writing up. I also decided that I would do well cutting down on social media, which for me means cutting out twitter. Knowing so many of you via twitter, we may not catch much sight of each other in 2018.

It was the illness what did it! The last five days I have been full of cold, sniffling, headache, raw-meat throat, coughing, feverish dreams, the usual works. As ever it turns out that a (temporary) “altered” state of mind is a good starting point for change. What the last days showed me was the artificialness and remoteness of twitter. I previously had hunches, but I had not felt it to that extreme. Everything is so far away. Suppose that’s why we tweeps sometimes shout so much on there. A bit like remote warfare. You never get to see your enemy. You just click a button.

As I will have to do some concentrating and focussing in 2018, some idea generating, it will be good to leave twitter behind. Twitter is the big distractor to my mind. It promotes a rather fractured attention. Twitter also seems to be geared for instant gratification. I want to put all that to one side and see what emerges instead.

This decision will be a bit unwelcome for the campaigner in me – twitter really is a good connector of people and excellent platform to air grievances! I will now have to find ways to redirect and resolve these differently. Sounds like quite a challenge!

For now this blog and twitter at least go silent.

I am still on email. And wandering about as a real person in this world.

Please everybody. Stay in touch! I am sure you find ways and means.


3 thoughts on “Last post

  1. Good move, Kat! As I’ve found out with Bremenize, the initial pressure to churn out piece after piece can, with a bit of effort, be pushed back in favour of deeper thinking and research. The network is always out there, even when you cut down on the regular virtual contact. And in the flesh contact is much more fun, anyway!

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