Abstract: Decision makers’ lines of argument with respect to democratising cycling

Title: Decision makers’ lines of argument with respect to democratising cycling

  • Corresponding author: Katja Leyendecker
  • Institution/organization: Northumbria University, Newcastle UK
  • Format: 20-minute presentation


As part of my autoethnographic PhD project (investigating women activists’ experience of local cycling politics) I interviewed key decision makers in Newcastle (UK) and Bremen (Germany). Using narrative discursive analysis, I was able to extract the ‘lines of argument’ of the transport politician and senior transport planner in each city with respect to democratising cycling. Comparing the different storylines, a picture of institutional automobility started to emerge. I end with discussing ways of transitioning away from institutional automobility.


Submitted to “Cycling, Society and Social Justice” http://www.cyclingandsociety.org/2019-cfa/

Cycling and Society Research Group Annual Symposium 2019 with Scientists For Cycling network, hosted by the Department of Social and Political Science, University of Chester, UK, 2-3 September, 2019

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