Are you positively for inclusive safety?

Campaigning for inclusive road safety means panning out sufficiently to include the environment in your campaigning. You pan away from the individual and behavioural quagmire. This is useful, as the discussion we must have must incorporate the road layout, the highway engineering and urban design mistakes that have been so wholly lavished upon our cities.

This is why I would recommend to veer away from attacking individuals making safety comments, however ill-informed, badly thought through or sickly advised these may be. “Where is your helmet?” as well as “People cycling HERE look crazy” are both of exactly that ilk. But. There is a concern expressed. Answer to that sentiment rather than get drawn into personal debates.

Pan out. Include the environment. Thank the person for their safety concern, and express wider concern about the road design. You want cycleways. It does not matter that you are cycling, and that your ego is hurt. Pan out. Be bigger than your pride. Campaign for inclusive safety: take the safety concern of the non-cyclist seriously.

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