We were rocking it at WACC2016

Having missed the first ever women cycling forum (Edinburgh), but managed to attend the second one (York) last year (where I contributed with leading a workshop table), we are now counting to three. I had the real pleasure to speak at Hereford this week. Many, many thanks to the fantastic Paula McGivern and her wonderful group of volunteers (“too many” to mention here) for making this gathering a reality. It was magical. Thanks, too, to https://wecycleuk.org/ for organising and Hereford council for their contributions also.

When on stage as well as in the chats and conversations I had, my main message was going out to all these inspiring and energetic grassroots initiatives, growing the fan base of cycling and broadening support. Perhaps we can whet appetites: tap into our initiatives thirst for solidarity and change and light and fan the campaigning spirits, working together with political activists and finding a concrete framework of collaboration.

Looking ahead, I’d like to see the search for a collaboration concept continue through these two next steps:

  1. Building the maxim: fusing our campaigning message(s) into a complete whole
  2. Getting everyone’s contribution recognised: charting advocacy “rules” and roles

And have fun whilst doing it. And cake. Naturally.

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