One intervention and one (attempted) subversion

Nijmegen is my current location. Netherlands. Everyone cycles, loads of different bikes, great infrastructure (compared to Newcastle, and Bremen too). I am here on academic business. For a handful of years, the Velo-city conference has been preceded by the Scientists for Cycling colloquium – a one-day gathering of academics, practitioners and advocates. I had submitted… Read More One intervention and one (attempted) subversion

Scientists for Cycling colloquium 2017

On 12 June 2017 I present: Nudging towards a communal concept for cycling research. It is an attempt to crosscheck the common policy elements (radical, liberal and conservative) with conceptual frameworks for transport (from different research fields). The conclusion is an illustrative depiction of emphasis (for research, policy, marketing etc) in low-cycling as well as… Read More Scientists for Cycling colloquium 2017

Saturation point – the dashing already cycle

As part of my participation at the International Cycling Conference (poster and paper The potential cyclist), I was prompted to have a look at the Transport Types dataset, survey listed here. Thanks again for everyone who contributed, and thanks for passing the survey on to friends, family, colleagues. It worked a treat with 1,673 responses… Read More Saturation point – the dashing already cycle