2012 – thinking cycling and stuff

twitter_catMy data collection (and analysis) involves going through “stuff I made”, like old blogposts. Re-reading through my older account (blogspot) has surprised me a bit. There are some good articles on there! Here is my selection of the Top 4 posts. Interestingly these posts are all dated 2012. I may have gone through a conceptualisation phase at that time… how does this work? Transport, injustices, society and cycling.

My name is Katja and I am scared

24 November 2012


This is a post about different campaigning positions, looking at inside and outside perspectives. If we want our campaigning to be successful, we ought to listen to others (outside the bike bubble) and take these “outsider” voices seriously.


Isn’t it time we open our eyes

16 March 2012


I am attempting to tell a story of everyday discontinuity, disconnect and dilemma by describing a normal day of a normal family.  Can you spot all the incongruences?


The British Motorist

31 March 2012


A comical tale, albeit it with a nasty aftertaste. I as deeply intrigued by the institutionalised and encouraged car dependence in our society.


It’s an ass(essment of risk)

4 August 2012


An engineer talks about risk assessment in relation to urban design and road safety.


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