International Cycling Conference 2017

Our poster for the International Cycling Conference in Mannheim on 19 September 2017:


I also prepared a slide show with the exact same content:



Original abstract

Survey questions (numbers corresponding to poster presentation)

  • Which country are you in? (filtered for UK)
  • Do you own or have regular access to a motor vehicle?
  • (1) What do you think about the environment and climate change?
  • (2) Is there a moral responsibility to reduce car use?
  • When did you cycle last for transport, and for what purpose? (consider summer condition, rather than winter)
  • (4) In what traffic condition would / do you cycle comfortably?
  • (3) How would your friends/family describe your relationship to the car?
  • Your age
  • Education level
  • Number of children in your household
  • Keep me informed (please leave your email)

2 thoughts on “International Cycling Conference 2017

  1. Greetings from Baton Rouge, katsdekker,

    I’ve been following your blog for less than a year but have found much of interest in it. This most recent post with your poster from the Mannheim meeting is very interesting.

    Would you mind if I shared it on Facebook, with full attribution, and a link to your blog?

    Thanks for considering my query.

    Mark E. Martin Founder, Bike Baton Rouge

    Liked by 1 person

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