A rare thanks to the local newspaper

As every cyclist knows, local newspapers can be a bit hit and miss when it comes to reporting on (transport) cycling stuff. I have certainly lost my rag with the local rag on multiple occasions (including local radio too). This is why I should really say thank-you when a decent and fair article comes along. So. Without a further ado. Thanks.


Newcastle Cycling Campaign chairwoman Katja Leyendecker said the fundamental issue was not drivers, but road design” …


2 thoughts on “A rare thanks to the local newspaper

  1. Sitting the emphasis so strongly on infrastructure might be counter productive, reinforcing that the behaviour is not such a problem and excusable. Complete segregation of modes is impractical so even in the most utopian visions there is still need to share space and be considerate of others. Infrastructure is quicker to change than societies attitudes but we should start on shifting both.


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