Your concept of activism

Thanks again to the sketchers! Quite a while back… I had asked about your experience with and of activism, and detected that quite a fair share of conflict and confrontation is involved (and keeping some people’s contributions away or at bay). It is not surprising then that the sketches of “Your concept of activism” look at exactly this borderland of sanity and rationality – rest assured, it’s all ending well with a cheery photograph, fear not.

Starting off with a focus on the campaigners, describing the formation of a group, the growing of the group’s ideas and perhaps achievements and confidence, is this painter’s concept of activism:


Wonderfully showing the interaction between campaigners and the decision-makers by visualising the “pitfalls” that sever(e)ly test everyone’s rationality is the second sketch:


The big contradictions about the now and the future are demonstrated in the following picture:


And here is a cheery-uppy one too, as I had promised at the start. A combination of bright colours, bunches and bunches of flowers and Dutch handlebars. Keep campaigning folks, for our vision of the future is fair and bright and full of joy.


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