Interview schedule

Writing a regular blogpost really does make me think, sometimes helps to ‘sharpen’ my mind or even make decisions, including putting the neck on the line. This week I picked up the gruelling Chapter 3 (the one with the methods) again. I wanted to see where I got to last time and to update the chapter’s sub-section on the interviews and ethnographics.

To me, it’s always a sheer struggle to revisit my own written material (I have some ‘deep’ thoughts as to why that would be, ohyes). However especially with the recent change in direction a revision certainly was (over)due if not vital to gaining general headway. In the whole process my head kicked off/in about interview scheduling and phasing. And I have devised a cunning (or so) plan.

The interviews are getting carried out in three phases. Phase 1 is a series of one-to-one interviews with two fellow women activists (N1 and N2). I then carry our questions and observations to different quarters (politics, design and activism).

Phase 2 gets us together again in Newcastle – N1, N2 and KL (me). I will relay information gained from the external interviews. We will then be able to construct concepts and questions for me to take away. I will “put myself into” Bremen for a few months at a time to interact and interview relevant actors there (ethnography). The findings, discoveries and learning points get shipped back to Newcastle. Then repeat, taking it back to Newcastle, discussion and… synthesise.

My UK interview partners have all been confirmed. And after the recent research visits to Germany, I am getting a good idea about Bremen, and about what’s happening in wider Germany too. Some interviews are already firmly in the diary. I am grateful to everyone who has so kindly volunteered to be involved. It’s all shaping up. Scary and exciting as it is.

It is almost totally co-produced isn’t it! The structure, as described above, is summarised in the figure below. It’s an ideal structure. No doubt, real life will put some holes in it and will test its rigour.

The only thing I am left to do is listening, good data collection, and the writing up. Easy =)



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