Conflict and confrontation

Thanks to everyone who has already contributed to the survey of women’s voices for cycleways. If you are involved in some form of cycle campaigning consider completing this short survey. It’s quick to do, and it’s not just selfishly for my PhD research into women’s cycle activism, but also to help shape a comprehensive network of women cycle activists. I think our (virtual) spaces of exchange can provide much needed mutual support, and can shape our messages and develop our voices. The survey wants to build on the Women & Cycling events in Edinburgh, York (video and content) and Hereford and the Academia & Advocacy day in Newcastle in 2015. Please consider contributing to the survey if you haven’t already done so.

An initial scan of the responses shows that many find the conflict and confrontation difficult to deal with. Participants articulate this in different ways. For some its the conflict with the outside, for others its conflict inside the campaigning scene. If we want to grow cycle campaigning, this deserves further digging and unpacking. If we want a good campaigning atmosphere, we will have to make it a welcoming place, a place that’s clear about its purpose and strategies, where things can flow naturally.

Conflict and confrontation exists in various forms. In the UK it is often designed into our roads. The Dutch analyse and evaluate road schemes and then remove the conflict in their road design up front. In contrast in the UK we still often design in the conflict, pitting walking against cycling, or cycling against driving, or everyone against everyone else… not a surprise our roads create rage. We should be outraged about this!

Please help me to research these conflicts in designs by watching three short videos and rating your experience. Participating at the survey below will help to put context around how different people perceive different cycle infrastructure.

You are all fab!

Thank you
Merci and Gracias

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