Census and the ‘Cycle Active City’

This slideshare presentation below is a 15-min fast lane ploughing through the Census 2011 data – according to a woman engineer / feminist academic / cycling-for-all advocate with a sensible Spatial Turn, severe leanings to the socio-ecological theory and Lefebvre‘s Production of Space and right to the city. Expect loads of pies and bar charts.

Thanks @amsterdamize for lending use of the pièce-de-résistance photos.  I gave the talk at Active City Cycle City conference in Newcastle on Friday 26 June 2015. Enjoy – I hope.

It was good meeting up and chatting to these fantastic tweeps
Rachel Aldred @RachelAldred
Kate Cairns @KCairns1
Isabelle Clement @IsabelleClement
Ginny Leonard @ginleonard
Pete Zanzottera @PeteZanzottera

And the Northeast contingent
Karen Elliott @elliott_kedbs
Dave Marshall @spatialsyndave
Claire Prospert @claireprospert
Cath Scaife @CathScaife
Sally Watson @sallyonbike

Weekend? I am away in Leicester at the CEoGB’s AGM, talking about side-street priority and for a bit of general kerb-nerding, peer support and advocacy solidarity.

Academically, I am wrestling with the Literature Review. And will do so for quite some time to come.

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