Phew. Proposal approved!

Today, I won’t be writing much. I am exhausted. So this turns out to be just a little diary note to say that my PhD proposal was approved – today. (Breathe). The reading over the last four weeks, in addition to some illness, had made it a rather intense time. I now know that through my study I want to find out how (much) people

  • see and notice ‘urban transport space’ and its ‘silent’ messages, clues and hints
  • simply internalise, leave unquestioned or subconscious, and unactioned
    • in a familiar environment (say UK)
    • in an unfamiliar environment (say Germany)

As things stand my proposal title reads thus

A comparative study of public perceptions to urban spaces in Bremen (Germany) and Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) focussing on cycling

And in a more than quick whistle-stop tour

  • mixed-method approach to capture the ‘what’ and unearth some of the ‘why’ about urban spaces and its interaction with people
  • engage with the ‘non-cyclists’ (perhaps the ‘interested but concerned’ rather than the ‘no way no how’) and folks currently excluded from cycling like parents with children
  • this work should (fingers crossed / thumbs pressed) inform policy and decision-makers who want to effectively and efficiently engage with the public particularly on transport transition projects

Next logical steps are literature review and methodologies. Here we come.


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