Surfing the sea

I was this week – and rather unproductively so I hasten to add – pre-occupied with loose-end matters of my old job – which left me somewhat too paralysed to think clearly about my future occupation at Northumbria University.

These things happen, and the numerous lovely good-bye emails from colleagues made more than up for it anyhow. It was also great to know that my professional institution CIWEM is a real darling and asked me to join their Engineering Review Board (formal acceptance pending), so I was down in that London on Thursday to meet its members. This is a really excellent opportunity: through CIWEM, I am certain, it will be easy to stay involved and in touch with the environmental engineering field throughout my PhD time (which is housed under ‘Architecture and Built Environment’ as far as I can see).

Campaigning however still is a hot topic in my head, regardless of this week’s ‘distractions’. So it was most fantastic to hear that the C&S baton had been picked up by Manchester, thanks G&G – Gabriele and Graeme. See you there in the autumn, campaigners and academics, the whole colourful Venn diagramme of it.

Give one – take one or two. As long as you know where you are heading, it’s gonna be all right, I suppose – keeping selectively surfing the sea of information and activities and sometimes even getting your toes wet.


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