A fresh new start

Neues Jahr, neues Glück. As they say. In Germany. With that in mind I’ve taken up an altogether new challenge. To be a little more precise, it’s of an academic nature. And I am grateful for the timing, and the opportunity.

So. In February I’ll start out on a phd – researching ‘cycle infrastructure and gender’ – at Northumbria University. I am absolutely thrilled, and I am sure I cannot quite foresee the strain and anguish (yet) that’s naturally and territorially involved with these kind of undertakings. But the subject is so close to my heart yearning for fairness (in our transport system), I am certain that my inherent interest will provide the motivation, energy and enthusiasm needed. Call me foolish or naïve. Or both.

It’s quite a change in career too. Switching from a strict path of technical engineering and project and programme management – in both the private and public sector – to starting research will give me an entirely new world to explore.

Wish me luck! The current plan is that the blog will capture, map and chart my thinking, development, refinement (ahem) and progress (and perhaps in the process may be of interest to others too).

Some quick and easy fact-finding visits are planned to Manchester and Leeds in March or so (to perhaps develop a transport database for Newcastle/Gateshead). And, at some point, I also really really want to talk to Dave Horton, Rachel Aldred, John Dales and, more locally, Andy Cope amongst many many others. But I must smarten up first. And need your help to smarten up…

Oh, the blog banner? Well, my background is water engineering… and, yes, I do intend to bring it all together at the end – career direction, change and all. What could be so different between flowing water and traffic flows? Bernoulli, forgive me. Fingers crossed.


5 thoughts on “A fresh new start

  1. Good luck with it. It looks like a proposal that would benefit from application of phenomenological research methodologies. It might also be worth speaking to Charles Musselwhite who is now at Swansea Uni. I’m sure he would be interested. Dave.


  2. Best of luck from Bremen, Katja! Studied phenomenology at York Uni but the only thing I recall is the Meaning of Life restaurant sketch :-(, but fairly sure it tries to address the subjective experience, so could be very useful in the dear old vehicular/pootling cycling debates.


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